This Amazing 13-Year-Old Built a Small House For $1,500 (6 Pics)

This little guy wanted a house of his own, so he built it! Simple as that!

Do we really need huge houses and why are we not satisfied with small things? Allegedly, that is an unknown question for some kids, and we know about at least one of them that has done one small huge thing for himself.

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Luke Thill is a 13-year-old boy that was bored during the summer. He didn’t know what to do, and he wanted a place of his own, so he decided to do some research and build a house. After he had spent hours researching over the Internet, this witty 8th grader built his small house in his parent’s backyard. He only needed $1,500 and a year of his time.

Luke is an ordinary boy. However, he did something extraordinary. Maybe that wouldn’t be so strange in the past. But now, when kids only play video games and think about which new gadget to buy from their parent’s money, a 13-year-old building his own house with his own money, is extraordinary.

As I’ve already written, it took him a year to raise money for this project. To earn some cash, Luke did some chores for his neighbors, took care of their lawns, raised money online, and worked out some barter agreements. For example, he didn’t know anything about the electricity, so he needed a grownup for it. He didn’t want to ask his parents for a favor, so he helped his neighbor with cleaning a garage and the return-favor was wiring the house.

Young Mr. Thill didn’t even want to waste any money on furniture, windows, and doors. He used some materials from his grandmother’s old house and his uncle’s friend house.

And his tiny house ended up to be a beautiful minimalistic 89 square feet mansion.

When asked about the house, Mr. Thill told journalists that he actually liked minimalism and that he didn’t want to have some huge mortgage. And those words have come out of this 13-year-old boy. Most of the grownups are not so wise.

There are lots of videos about this small house. And as more people started following him, Luke started creating more content for the YouTube. He began recording his answers to the thousands of question his followers have.

His parents supported him financially and during the actual construction but they didn’t want to have anything with it unless he raised the money and built the house himself. They tried to teach him how to be responsible and to show him what is it like to have something. They could’ve just hired some construction workers, but no, this is how the boy will appreciate work. And additionally, Luke’s parent’s wanted to make him do something more than playing games.

Already a Celebrity

There is a festival called Tiny Midwest. That is a festival of tiny houses and simple living. They shared a photo of the young Thill working hard on his small house.

A Perfect House For a Teen, But This is Just a Beginning

The tiny house that Luke has created is working great for him. He is doing his homework in it and even sleeps in it a couple of nights per week. He has a tiny living room with a TV and a chair. However, his plan is not to just stop there. His dream is to make another, a bigger tiny house which he could haul to College and save him some money he would spend on living expenses.

This story is something you could only hope for. It is a great thing which will most certainly inspire a lot of kids to do something like that. It is a pure example of what a kid can accomplish with some good will, a solid goal and a good work ethic. If you watch some of his videos, you would clearly see a pride in his eyes as he is giving a tour of his house.

Principal’s Office

Unexpectedly, this little project of his got little Luke to the principal’s office. He was a bit scared because he had never gone to the principal’s office before. It turned out that his principal had a friend who works for a newspaper in Indianapolis. When that reporter heard about Luke’s accomplishment, he wanted to meet the boy. That is how Luke got into a newspaper.

Thill’s story is going to inspire a lot of kids, and there is no doubt about it. However, it is a shame that this kind of a story always gets shadowed by politics, corruption, wars, and celebrities.