This Is How To Poop Quickly When You Have To Hurry (8 Pics)

Everybody is in a hurry nowadays. You simply can’t move forward if you are not the fastest, most resilient, and the most stubborn person there is. That is why you hardly have any time to do anything properly. You cook fast, you have to eat fast, you have to train fast, you need to shower fast and you have to poop fast. Yeah, that is what we are talking about today. Pooping…

That little thing really knows how to delay some of our plans. Why? Because we can do everything fast, but this particular thing is simply something we can’t control. It happened to me numerous times to be in a hurry and to be late for something because of that physical need…

Is it something we can’t control?

There are really plenty different things which could influence the speed of doing those things. However, there are different solutions for those variables. You can try them out!

How You Sit

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This is the ideal way for sitting while you are doing it. However, there are some other methods that you could follow.

Eat Enough Fiber (vegetables, people!)

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For a healthy organism, you should consume at least 25 grams of fiber each day. It acts like a probiotic.

Do More Squats

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You see, when you are in a squatted position, your bowels are straight. This means that our comfortable toilet seats are actually stopping us from doing it properly.

Drinking Water

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You should definitely drink enough water for various reasons. And not drinking enough water can cause constipation.


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Coffee is a natural laxative. A cup of coffee (with milk) right after you wake up could help you.


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When you workout you are moving your belly and that will make your intestines rolling.


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Consume more yogurt or some supplements. It can really help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Glycerin Suppository

This one should be used only as an emergency. It will draw some water into the intestines and it will help you “relax” in 15 to 60 minutes.