This Island Is The Closest Thing To Paradise, And Humans Actually Live Here! (13 Pics)

Can you imagine an island in the shape of a ring? Well, there is such an island. It is a very small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. To be more precise, the island is in French Polynesia. It is 27km in length and 19km in width. And the highest elevation of it is 8m (26ft).


The name of this island is Tikehau. The name itself means “Peaceful Landing”.


Just Look At This Paradise!


It is, in fact, an oval-shaped coral atoll. It is made of two major islands and many many small islets.



It has 300 lucky residents.


“Thug Life”


It has palm trees all around, and even a few hotels to stay in!



The “island” or the ring… (whatever you would like to call it) has only one pass where boats can sail into the lagoon.



The lagoon itself is 27km long and 19km wide so residents have enough room to do anything they like.


Although there aren’t any nightclubs on the island, residents enjoy in their privacy and peace.