What Children Around The World Eat For Lunch At School (8 Pics)

Some parts of the world actually care about the food their children eat at schools. And we are not talking about the parents. Nope. The government took the matter into their own hands. For example, in the UK, Jamie Oliver (famous chef) started his own program in order to completely change the food their children eat every day. His mission is to make that food healthier and to stop the negative effect their current diets are having the British society and youngsters in general. Yes, we are talking about diabetes and obesity.

That program was a huge success and parents started implementing all the pieces of advice that Jamie has been giving to them and not only when preparing those lunch boxes, but in their homes too.

Some countries are wealthy enough to provide their kids with some quality meals inside their schools during lunch hours. These schools offer a great variety of meals and we have chosen a total of 8 schools from all over the world to show you a glimpse into their cultures.


This actually looks like a meal straight from some 5-star restaurant. Schools in Finland also offer meals for children who have some strict dietary needs. This is a healthy meal made with vegan meatballs, freshly baked potatoes, salad and some oats.

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You are looking at the lunch which is served in the Western provinces of France. Fish and potatoes served with white wine mushroom sauce, spinach, cheese, and (of course) bread. And believe it or not, some kids don’t like this. They choose to run home during the lunch breaks.

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I have a feeling that I am going to eat my screen right now… Well, let’s get back to the subject after a totally unprofessional remark… Kids in Hungary get a vegetable noodle soup (that looks delicious), baked beans and chicken and nuts for dessert… Can you ask for more?

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These guys really like healthy food and they bring this to another level. You are looking at a pack full of fresh fruit and a healthy sandwich with fresh eggs, a granola bar, and some sweets…

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Well, in Russia, things get simpler. You have the option of two meals per day – a free breakfast and lunch which is paid for. Here you have a sausage, buckwheat porridge, and tea. When you compare this with France of Finland… Actually, it is incomparable.

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South Korea

South Korea obviously care about the quality of the food that is being served to children. Their food includes all the nutrients a growing body needs. This dish offers a large bowl of vegetable soup, a bowl of rice, a Lotus Root, a sausage dish with sesame leaves, and Kimchi.

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What else can you expect from Japan? It starts similarly to the Korean dish, and it includes a hot vegetable soup, a bowl of rice, traditional beef dumplings, and white vermicelli salad with mayonnaise.

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This is also something you can expect from this part of the world. It includes a garden salad, canned peaches, canned corn, milk (don’t know how that goes with peaches), and a slice of pizza.

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Can you remember your lunch boxes? What do you think about them now, when you have seen all these school lunches from all over the world?