Who Looks Younger? Your Choice Will Determine What Kind of Thinker You Are.

It seems like some of us need help in discovering those deeper personality traits because we need a psychologist to tell us who we really are and to better know ourselves. That is why we have prepared a test for you.

The only thing you need to do is to choose the youngest of three children from the picture below.


Image #1

If you chose the child number one, that you are one of those highly instinctive people who will do anything if their guts tell them that’s the right thing to do. You simply know when to act and you are very swift in your decision making and all the actions you take. This trait helped you through the life and it will make you special in whatever career you choose for the future.

Image #2

Less than a half of interviewed people chose this answer. Psychologically, this means that you are a complex thinker. You need time to make a decision and only after you are perfectly sure that you have chosen the right way, you decide to act. People with this trait are very aware of all the positive and negative outcome of every decision they make. They may take a long time to make an important decision, but they have never been wrong. People who chose the second option have brilliant minds.

In general, you don’t think that anything can be explained in one single sentence. That means that you are far from the concept called “man of few words”. You are not led by logic but by reason and that is why you can’t tolerate when someone is wrong about something. You have that need, to tell the truth, and to make everything right. That is why you have a small number of friends. But those who are your friends think that you are the most respectful person they have ever met.

You think that there is some kind of balance between logic, intuition, and reason, and this area is the right one for you. That is the best description for your mind and when you put it all together, those are the traits of a very wise man.

One of the professions that would be the most suitable for you is education. You could be a very good teacher! You like to share your knowledge with others and you are very passionate about that. That is why you would be the best person for this job. Your students would respect your passion for teaching and they would gladly do their part in the learning process.

Image #3

The least of our subjects answered with the third option. What does that option really mean? Well, if you chose the third option that means that you are led by logic. When you are in some kind of a problem you make decisions based on logic.

You are a natural born leader. Everyone around you sees you as a very charismatic person that has a total control in every situation. You know how to make other people do as you please and even change their minds if you have to. You have the right argument for every problem and you should be proud of your traits because you can use them to advance in your life.

You are great in a number of disciplines like mathematics, science, art, fitness, etc. You are a magnet for different kinds of people who all want to be the part of your closest circle of friends. Although you need some time to make important decisions, you always come to the right conclusion. If you think that something has to be done, you will do everything to make it happen.