8 Beauty Rules No Royal Lady Would Ever Break (8 Pics)

Famous people are not all the same. There are those who gained their fame by their work and those who gain the fame by right. The later ones are considered as royalty and the eyes of the public are somehow always on them. That is why those royal ladies somehow look perfect no matter what. And we have gathered 9 beauty rules those royal women never break.

Avoid Heavy Contouring

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Female celebrities from all over the world love contouring. Kim is one of them. And on the other hand, we have the future Queen of Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria. She is not allowed to carry heavy makeup. Royal ladies like to look natural.

No Bright Lipstick

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Royal ladies don’t like brightly colored lipsticks. As we have already stated, royalties like all natural look.

No Heavy Eye Makeup

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Artificial lashes, winged eyeliner, and smokey eyes are a big no-no. Mascara and some eyeshadow are ok.

They Prefer Long-Lasting Makeup

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Royal women have an obligation to attend all kinds of events and activities. Most of those are held on the open and last really long. Royal makeup must not break no matter how rainy or windy the weather conditions are.

Don’t Touch Your Makeup in Public

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It is highly inappropriate to put on any makeup in public. Even tiny adjustments are forbidden.

Only Neutral-Colored Nail Polish is Allowed

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Royal ladies don’t like long, brightly colored nails. They like to keep their nails short and neutrally colored. For example, Queen Elizabeth likes the “Ballet Slippers” shade from Essie.

They Should Visit a Hair Salon Regularly

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Fresh and tidy hair gives a healthy image That is why Kate Middleton gets her hair blown out at least a few times per week, and a haircut once every few months. She wants to look fresh!

They Wear Hats For Formal Occasions

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Royal dress code requires hats for formal events, crowns only if you are a king or a queen, and tiaras if you are going to some full dress events.

What do you think about these protocols?