Man Spots Giant Hole In Lake, Flies Drone Into It And Captures Breathtaking Video

Have you ever driven along a motorway and double look at something you noticed in the corner of your eye? This is a not unusual experience for those passing by of Lake Berryessa, the seventh largest man-made lake in California.

Why? Well, it’s because it contains what seems like a massive hole. Out of use for decades due to the extended drought in California, it finally sprung into motion once more in early 2017, capturing the interest of a man with a drone.

To see what the inner of the hole looks like, take a look at the brilliant video below:

Built against a 304-foot dam, Lake Berryessa is known for its “Glory Hole” slipway, that is the first-rate sight to see while it’s at full capacity, especially, as the video above demonstrates, while captured from the perspective of a drone.

To put the rarity of this video into context, while the drone captured these pictures, it becomes the first time that the glory hole has been used in over a decade. So, a lot of rain fell in January and February of the last year that the lake stuffed up in a matter of days.

The widest a part of the hole measures a stunning 72 feet across and it travels 28 feet more down. The water flowing into it is passed thru a funnel, probably draining out into Putah Creek.

The incredible pictures were captured by YouTube user Evan K. While I’m now not exactly sold on his choice to play AC/DC over it (I’d surely more want to hear the rushing water), it’s not possible not to be mesmerized by it.

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