The Most Perfect Coincidences You Will Ever See (7 Pics)

#1 Two Shops Same Name

Even though it’s spelled differently, and broken up into different words, when you say it, it sounds the same.

#2 Coke Head

What are the chances that these two guys end up on the same team and stand next to each other?

#3 Nutri Bullet

Could the Nutri Bullet that’s for sale be stolen goods?

#4 I Want Your Blood

Is that the owner’s car and is he doing something with the blood that does not involve helping the Red Cross?

#5 Taylor Swift

You suddenly have a need to hear some Taylor Swif, when notice these two trucks in front of you.

#6 Mario And Luigi

Siblings can be very competitive, but this is ridiculous.

#7 Giant Dicks

Sharing billboard space is common in a plaza, but maybe they should have given Dick’s Sporting Goods first billing.